black lives matter more than your stans.

what we as non-black people on stan twitter should be doing right now to spread, support, and respect black lives matter

recognize your privilege

non-black people, ESPECIALLY white people, have privilege. although we face hardships in life, we aren't murdered because of our skin color like black people are. every race faces issues such as poverty, bullying, homelessness, etc., but black people face these hardships as well, ALONG WITH everything they face due to the color of their skin. all lives cannot matter until black lives do.

black lives > your fav

is your fav releasing music?
black lives matter more.
is your fav releasing merch?
put that money towards more important things. you can buy that merch later.
did your fav stay silent?
call them out. they have no reason to stay silent when innocent people are losing their lives.

what to do if your fav is silent

they NEED to address this. if they have a platform and they aren't using it, tell them to.
i know this is the last thing anyone wants to do, but if they care more about their image and losing supporters than black lives, they aren't the kind of person you should be stanning.
try to inform them about what's going on
if they aren't aware of black lives matter, which i doubt, tell them about it. send them the petitions. ask them to share.

if your fav did the bare minimum

do not thank them
they should not recieve praise for doing what they should've done a long time ago. it is not your place to decide whether or not they did enough.
tell them to do more
tell them to share petitions. tell them to donate. tell them to speak up. they have a platform and they NEED to use it.

"do"s and "don't"s

recognize your privilege
call out your favs
spread links to petitions
tweet the tag
donate if you can
listen if you are called out
delete any tweets that are insensitive, even if it wasn't intentional
retweet important information
find protests in your area
check in on your friends
use apps such as telegram to discuss these things, twt dms are monitored
sign as many petitions as you can
use the black fist image as your profile picture/header
speak over a black person
ignore a black person when they tell you your tweet is insensitive
use the tag for clout
thank your fav for tweeting something, it is not your place to do so
rely on your black mutuals to educate you, there are other resources
reply with fancams
say that your fav is doing enough, they most likely are not.
tweet anything insensitive
put the symbol in your dn just to keep follows
send your blm tweets to promo groupchats
use AAVE


if you are planning on protesting:
loot - you have no reason to escalate the situation
use your privilege - create a barrier between black protestors and the cops. they are less likely to hurt you.
RECORD!!! - get as much footage as you can and if you see any violence from the police. post it. expose them, their name, and their badge number. block out any protesters faces.

in summary

check on your friends. spread useful information. call out your favs. be respectful. recognize your privilege.

you have a voice, use it.

please correct me!!

if anything i said is incorrect, please let me know!! my top priority is and always will be putting out helpful information and respecting everyone. if any of this is false or disrespectful, please don't hesitate to call me out!! i hope everyone is doing well, physically and mentally. this can be a lot to handle, and i admire you for your strength <3

my twitter is @otherspilots and my name is layla